Art historian Janeke Meyer Utne
Jannecke Lønne Christiansen has worked within several genre: site specific art, painting, photo, and video. An interest in time and perception visualized through a poetic approach, runs like a red thread thorogh her art. The last years she has devoted much of her time to art in public spaces, both as an artist and as consultant, participating in various art projects and teaching the subject.

On video

“Og så kom skreia inn fra havet...” 2006 ”And then the cod came in from the ocean..
Video installation and digitaly transformed drawings.

In her video installation, Christiansen investigates the site as myth and narrative.

Through stories told by people with a relation to Stamsund, and her own child drawings about the fishing in Lofoten, she enters into a dialogue with history and the physical framework of the installation: the abandoned fish processing plant.

The video is a continuous shot of rolling waves and water in a constantly shifting light. The sound track consists of three separate voices, each telling a personal story related to the sea.

The mood is that of stories told by the bonfire, but instead of the crackling fire we hear the swells and shrieking of seagulls – coastal Norways distinctive signature.

It is a encounter bewteen the inner (subjective) narrative and the external realities, between the cultural perception and nature.

Twelve year old Hanna tells about ”the big sea journey”, - her recollection of the trip on the oil tanker where her father was captain. Another perspective is represented by the fisherman, who gives a dramatic insight into the lives of those fishing the sea of Lofoten.

However, we are not presented merely with an ethnic Norwegian point of view: Najat, a Kurdish woman from Irak tells about her place of her origin, and the encounter with Leknes and Norway. Her voice and the sound of the ocean interlace, drown each other out, only to reappaear again.

On painting:

Jannecke Lønne Christiansen - Rememberence and oblivion. Summary

Art historian Ingrid Blekastad:

What do we recollect of our own childhood, what stories are carried on in the family, what is forgotten or consciously concealed? These questions preoccupy the artist Jannecke Lønne Christiansen. In 1998 she started on a series og paintings/collage, the basis of which were old photographs. From her family albums she selected pictures, concentrating particulary on the woman. They were transferred onto canvas by silk screen, or simply pasted on to it.

Her first “memorypicture” was the triptycon “HUSKE” ( meaning both “remembering” and “swing”) in 1998. In the middle we find a phtograph og Christiansen as a child, and on the side panels photographs of previous generations. Images are composed of the photographs and layers of painted areas. Like fragments or glimpses of memories the photograph emerges from behind layers of yellow and greens, - like shrouded parts of the past

the time) Almost viagra include penile pain, penile numbness, bruising and.

. Merely vague recollections or moods are remembered.

Christiansen builds her paintings/collage from squeres, where piece s added to piece, The entirety becomes a grip on, or a systematisation of, a type of knoeledge. But what this knowledge should lead to is not shown. This perhapse, is the meaning of paintings .


CV. short version

Jannecke Lønne Christiansen. Velta 12. 2614 Lillehammer.+ 4748052870
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Education: Artacademy in Bergen and Trondheim 1973-78


Solo: Photo, painting, video: Galleri Dreyer, Lillehammer.
Solo: Photo, painting, Gallery Krontad Hovedgård, Bergen.
”Crossing” North Trønderlag County gallery, Namsos

”A photorelated exibition” Gallery Hå,Videoinstallasion
”Artistic use of materials from the arcive.” The Oppland countyarcive. Maihaugen.
Inbetween/lockalize Stamsund, Lofoten. Videoinstallasion
“Reflection in a nordic sky” landartsymposium, Sagadi Estland.
Art public: Vindingstad Primary scool, photo on plexiglass.
Art public: Fagerlund Primary scool, photo.

”Between the bridges” in colaboratin with Marit Hosar. Site specific outdoor in Lillehammer, arranged by the Art society in Oppland.

”The bright room” The Yellow gallery, Stavern.
Art public : Tiller Psyciatical hospital. Photo and painting.

Solo: “More places for ever” photo and video in ” Lillehammer Cinema.
Solo: Galleri Z, painting and photo, Lillehammer
Art public: Tjøllingvollen Old peoples home Tjølling, painting and photo.

”Le Vent des Forets”, sitespecific prosject in Meuse France. (Stone and birch).

Solo: Art society in Bærum, Sandvika. Painting, photo.
mine- site specific prosject in Folldal mines. Arranged by the Art Bank in Hamar and Folldal Commune.
Art public: Ole Vig High scool, Stjørdal

Art center of Oppland . Painting and installation. Lillehammer
Art public: Lillehammer Old peoples home

Art public ”Obelisk” outdoor Hamar.

Moksa Kunstnerverksted, drawing and installasion. Tretten.

Ekeby Kvarn Art space, Uppsala, Painting, photo and installation .Sweden.
”Sensorial observation of the town” workshop and exebition in gallery ROM,
”Living Willow” working with willow together with students. Arranged by Univerity of Agder and the Artmuseum of southern Norway. Risør.
”Art from the innland” Lillehammer Artmuseum.

Mølla Art gallery,Painting, photo Gjøvik.

Harvey Gallery, University of Hertfordshire, England.
Symposium “waterspace”, the river Fyris, Uppsala, Sweden.

”Eventa 3” Ekeby Qvarn, symposiumand exebition, Uppsala, Sverige.
”La gare” centre d art contemporain, Quebec, Canada.
“Moxtrot” Nordic artsymposium, Roåker.
“Post Present” Gallery USF, Bergen. “Aerie del tempo” Genova, Italia.

”Zoo Art” polish/nordic symposium/exebition in Poznan, Polan.

”Present” international symposium/exebition in Mårrådalen/Lillehammer art museum. Arranged by the culture comitee av the Olympic games - 1994